0Monday. 20th [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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20 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 20th [September 1897]. Breakfasted in my room as usual. Wrote letters. Lunched at 1 & at 1.30 Lady Vivian & I started in gondola to have our audience with the Queen. We were received by her lady Duchess Maxsimo who was a friend of Lady Kraus at Rome. She told us that she was tremendously fatigued by her attendance on the Queen having accompanied her when she was at the Manoeuvres at Homburg last week—& that now H.M. was on the go all day. She looked very tired. An Armenian Bishop was having audience when we got there & we had to wait a few minutes—but at 2 H.M. sent for us both together. We found her in a simple tailor made light grey costume. She said she had been at the Museum all the morning & had not had time to change her gown for breakfast. She kissed us both & shook us warmly by the hand & then we swat down & HM talked away to us. She spoke of an ecclesiastical Exn there is now at S. Rocco—with very fine things. She told us she was reading Lord Roberts’ book on India—& recommended us a book on Japan– She spoke so fast it was almost difficult to follow her & when she was at a loss for an English word she put in French words. After abt 20 minutes she dismissed us & we went home & took off our best clothes wh to me, at least, was a great relief. We went for a row & returned to tea at 5. Admiral Canevaro came to tea & his wife also. As soon as we got back from the Palace Miss Paget came by appointment to bring a Marchesa Gropallo to see the pictures. They had just arrived when the Countess de Flandres was announced. She was most amiable & kind & glad to see us. I hardly remembered her—it being about 11 years ago since Henry & I were in Brussels & dined with her. She asked to see the pictures & was most appreciative & intelligent about them. She was accompanied by a lady called Mlle d’Yve                a rather stiff spinster but very amiable. HRH remained abt an hour. After she was gone I returned to my former friends & showed them the pictures & then we went out. After dinner we went to the Piazza for a short walk. The band was playing. Met Mr Hamilton Aidé & walked a bit with him.

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