0Monday. 4th [October 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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4 October 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 4th [October 1897]. Very busy morning writing letters. Had visit from our V. Consul de Tuscato. After lunch went out with Fred in gondola. Went to Va Murano to see about having some glass reproduced for the Empress Fred: Our 2nd gondolier was not well & the sandolo boy took his place. He was not strong eno’ to row against the wind which was rather high so we landed at S. Maurigio & walked the rest of the way to various hotels where I had to leave cards on tourists. At Danelli’s we were pounced upon by the proprietor who begged me to go over the hotel with him to see all his improvements wh we found consisted of vulgar gold mirrors & furniture & staring blue wall papers. He said he had also discovered a painting of 600 years ago! which had been concealed– It resolved itself in a small green door painted with an Empire pattern! We walked home by the Rialto by tea time to which came a Miss Wood & Miss Davidson & another girl. Afterwards had a visit from a Mr Dibbler a friend of the Thesigers. Dined at 7.30 & the Thesigers & Nela went to the theatre Rossini to see Lago act in “l’onorevole Campodarsego” a very amusing piece. I retired to my room & early to bed.

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