0Saturday. 16th [October 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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16 October 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 16th [October 1897]. Woke with a headache but by taking phenacetine was able to get up. Was with Cortelazzo most of the morning– Bought a silver embossed cup of him & sent him away happy. He left abt 12 & returned home to Vicenza. I went to the cellar & got out the wine as I now keep the keys myself. I had then to retire to my room & lie down. It was a dull rainy day. The Thesigers & Nela went to tea with the Edens. I remained in my room till tea time. Had tea & then practised the zither. Mr Eden came to see me to say that d’Annunzio had given such a glowing acct to Mme Duse of the pictures, house & me that she was anxious to come & see me & wants to come tomorrow at 2 at which of course I am delighted & Carry Eden is to bring her. Curiously eno’ only a few moments before I had been thinking as I sat alone of how I had always wished to know Mme Duse & had once asked her to come & meet the Empress Frederick here years ago. She had then refused to come not wishing to make new friends. I supposed it was not decreed that I was to know her & now she offers to come to me–

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