0Monday. 18th [October 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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18 October 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 18th [October 1897]. There was an article in this morning’s Gazetta on d’Annunzio’s ideas & Mme Duse’s wish to found an open air theatre at Albano which so struck me that I wished to go & see Mme Duse before she leaves Venice & I sent a note to ask her if I could find her at home at 2. She wrote me a line to say she would come to me instead & so she arrived between 2 & 3 & I had another long & interesting talk with her & asked about her idea of the new theatre. She told me it was to be done by subscription & if 100 ladies wd give 1000 fcs each it was to be carried out. I asked to be allowed to subscribe & told her how pleased I was. She was very glad & said mine was the first congratulation she had had & she hoped it was a good augury. We spoke again of d’Annunzio & she said she would tell him to send me his poems. She also gave me Miss Macy’s address & I said I would go & see her. So as soon as she left I went off to the Giudecca to a lodging house called Casa Trotto where I found a little lady in a blue linen sort of frock over her dress– A diminutive little creature. Her hair now half grey was fair & she at first sight looked as tho’ she was 15. She led me up a very steep stair to the garret where I found myself in a long room abt 60 ft long with the great beams wh held the roof. This place was full of plaister casts—reproductions, boxes, furniture, plants &c. In a small adjoining room was a plaister case of the Ducal Palace made to scale & Miss Macy explains that it is made so as to be able to be taken to pieces & to be rebuilt. She is making it for the New York Museum where it is to be used to teach architecture. Mr & Mrs Peirce Way were with Miss Macy when I arrived—& are great friends of Miss Macy’s. I sat & talked with her a little while—ordered a little bit of her work of her & returned home. Countess Canevaro, Mlle Cozzi & Hilda & Ellen Montalba came to tea & stayed some time talking. Francie & Fred Thesiger left me at 19 oclock to start for England. They are to arrive in London on Wednesday at 5 P.M.

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