0Wednesday. 20th October [1897]—Villa Pisani, Vescovana
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20 October 1897 — Villa Pisani, Vescovana
Wednesday. 20th October [1897]. Nela breakfasted with me in my room at 8 both in our dressing gowns– Then dressed & I read some Eneide in French translation which fascinates me. At 11 the Countess appeared on the scene & we had lunch. There had been a thick fog all the morning which cleared off after 12 & at 2.30 she & I went for a drive to divers farms returning home by 5 to tea. Nela took a walk with my maid Annie. After tea I wrote letters till dinner at 7.30. Played patience till bed time. The Countess tells me that d’Annunzio has led a most horrid life & has written some of the worst novels of the day. Even worse than those of Zola. Let us hope that the influence of the Duse may do something to reform him both in his life & his writings.

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