0Monday. 15th [November 1897]—Trent
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15 November 1897 — Trent
Monday. 15th [November 1897]. Breakfast at 9. Directly afterwards we dressed & prepared for an expedition. A little wagon-salon was put on to the end of the                o’cl train & we went to Mori. There we found 2 carriages waiting for us & we drove H.M., Bss Verschür & I in one carriage, Fraulein v. Faber & Seckendorff & Wedel in the other. We stopped in the village of Mori & visited a charming old palazzo which belonged to a family called Salvadori & which is now to be sold. There was a pretty court yard one side of which was a kind of loggia with arcades & frescos– A stiff Italian old fashioned garden ran up the side of the mountain behind the house ending in a belvedere & some tall cypresses. In the centre of the yard was a nice old well with an iron top to it. The house had exterior galleries to it & we went in & saw the rooms which were mostly decorated in low relief stucco white on pale greens or pinks. In one room was a collection of books & bad pictures on sale. We drove on thro’ a beautiful valley by a splendid Villa belonging to the Castel Barco family who once owned most of the Trentino, till we came in sight of the Lago di Garda. We went a short way, this the fort which defends the road down till we came to a point above the lake where was a charming olive grove. We obtained permission to go into the place & then Herr Oesterreicher (the master of the hotel at Trent who had accompanied us) brought the lunch basket out of the carriage & gave us our food. It was a lovely spot & had the sun been shining it would have been perfect. As it was the grey sky & rocks were very fine in effect. Directly after lunch we drove back to Mori. Having to wait a short time for the train to return to Trent we walked about & inspected an old villa near the station with its little chapel & 2 fine cypress trees at the gates. Had tea at the hotel—& then Tea Salvadori payed me a visit in my room. The Empress entertained some of the officials at dinner viz: S.E. Genl Cattinelli—Genl Perra—the Sous Prefet, & the chief law authority. I sat between the latter & the Genl Catinelli & had to speak with them in Italian. After dinner I conversed in German with the other Genl & got on pretty well.

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