0Sunday. 14th November [1897]—Trent
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14 November 1897 — Trent
Sunday. 14th November [1897]. I breakfasted at 9 with the Royal party the dining room being next to the drawing room– Then we retired for a while after I had given H.M. a piece of woven silk for the cushions of her pew in the Cronberg Church wh I bought for her last Wedy at Vicenza. After lunch (dinner) at 1 we all went out driving. It was dull weather but did not rain. We went 2 carriages full & I went with the Empress. We drove some way towards Matarello & got out & walked some part of the way. We passed a villa which H.M. wished to look at so finding the owner was about we got the gardener to let us into the garden. It belongs to a family named Garbari who bought it from the Rossi. It is well situated but the garden is somewhat spoilt by 2 railways which run on each side of it—& the whole villa is being much modernised & spoilt. There were nice roses still in bloom & a lovely view. We got back to the Hotel at 20 to 5 dressed & then drove off to Baron & Bss Salvadori’s in the town where H.M. was expected to tea. The Baroness I knew as a child as Tea Marcello & was very pleased to see her again. We stayed there about an hour & when we returned to the hotel the Empress invited me to go to their room to see the photographs of her grandchildren & she kept me sitting with her in her dressing room talking while she knitted—in a tea gown with her feet up on a chair to rest them. She was as charming as ever. We supped (dined) at 8 & sat talking & working till 10 & then went to bed.

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