0Wednesday. 24th [November 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 November 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 24th [November 1897]. I went by 9.45 train to Stanghella to see Countess Pisani & to take her a small present wh the Empress had asked me to take to her—a glass tea bottle mounted in silver. At Stanghella when I arrived at 12 I found D. Antonio who was returning from Padua & I took him to Vescovana in the Css carriage. I got there just in time for lunch & we sat afterwards talking all the afternoon, I telling the Css all about my visit to Trent. We had tea & Count Miari & his father in law Count Cesare came also to call. Don Antonio joined us at dinner at 7 & a little after 8 I drove off for Stanghella to take the 8.40 train back to Venice. It was ¼ hour late so the station master very kindly asked me in to his office which was warm & there were no lights in the waiting room. I spent ½ hour chatting very pleasantly with the Station master—& got a carriage to myself in the train but arrived at Venice nearly 40 minutes late very tired. Found Nela had gone to bed & I did ditto.

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