0Thursday. 16th [December 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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16 December 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 16th [December 1897]. I went on copying the picture by Palma Vecchio which has just come back from Cavenaghi’s at Milan to be restored. Guggenheim paid me a long visit in the morning to speak again about the Anglo Italian Society & yesterday’s article in the Gazette on it. We went on to talk of other things, goodness, the beautiful in books, art &c—& I begged him again & again not to give up the good fight & to reflect that the work of each individual made up an aggregate– I was helping Nela with her painting—a copy of one of the pictures when Guggenheim returned bringing me an Italian book by Foggazara called Piccolo Mondo antico which he said he was sure I should like to read—& he left it with me. After lunch Clara Montalba came & kindly taught me how to use the camera lucida for the reduction of the pictures I am copying. Nela went out. It was a lovely day. Iduna came to tea & also Mr Carey– I wrote a lot of letters before dinner. After dinner we read aloud as usual & worked till bed time.

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