0Saturday. 18th [December 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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18 December 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 18th [December 1897]. I finished painting my small copy of the Palma Vecchio—which took me all the morning. After lunch went out in gondola with Nela—& landed at S. Moisé to look abt for various Christmas presents for friends. Then we walked up & down the Brazza for an hour & went about 4 to see Iduna Bel. who received us & had 2 naval officers there & her husband who leaves tomorrow to return to his duty– Home at 5. Css Olga Mocenigo came & soon after Marchese Bentivoglio & we settled that he & I should meet on Monday at Olga’s house & help her to move her furniture as she is leaving the piano nobile where she has lived in the Palazzo Mocenigo for a small entresol. She has now the apartment in which Byron lived when he was in Venice & used the writing table Byron had used. It was past 7 when Olga left & I dressed for dinner & was sitting quietly waiting for dinner when the servants came & made a scene to me about some quarrel between my maid & the 2 Italians Regina & Pasquale. They shouted & wrangled & were very tiresome & upset me so I was quite unnerved—& did not sleep much in the night.

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