0Sunday. 19th [December 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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19 December 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 19th [December 1897]. Seeing that all last night’s disturbance arose from jealousy between my maid Annie & Regina—I decided to keep them apart—to resume all the household keys which I had entrusted to Annie—which I did. I then told Regina we should all return to our previous posts—that I believed all she said against Annie & all Annie said against her & therefore I had resolved to keep them apart—& she was to keep strictly to her province, Pasquale to his &c &c– As he & she were gradually creeping on further & further into trying to get the whole house into their hands this was a blow to them & Regina retired in confusion. After a few minutes piercing shrieks were heard issuing from my bedroom which proved to be Regina in an agony of rage & fury. Seeing that no one took any notice of her she flung open the door of the room in which I was & shrieked afresh– I told her to be quiet & shut the door at which she burst it open again & began another howl. When I at last angrily bid her shut the door she went on thro’ the house making the same noise till she had exhausted her rage– Nela & I went off to church at 10.15 glad to get away– Home at 11.30– At 12.30 we went off to Palazzo Mocenigo to see Olga’s furniture—in her old apartment & then the new one to settle where the different things should be put in the new one. Brought her back to lunch with us—& then she went away. At 3 we went up to the studio & traced the little Ercole Grande the Madonna della Cemia. At 4 went out in gondola called for Iduna Bel. & went to tea at Mrs Hultons where a great many people dropped in. Came home about 5.30. Mr Woods called to talk over the church building.

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