0Sunday. 1st January [1905]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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1 January 1905 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Sunday. 1st January [1905]. Here is another year begun– What will it bring forth? It was a soaking wet night & continued damp & drizzling all the day. Edward ordered the omnibus for us ladies to go to morning church, Blanche, Fraulein, Gweneth & I. Mr Robinson a young Mus: Doc who is staying here also went with us. Edward & Bertie walked. Mr Robinson played the organ & quite transformed the instrument as he is a fine player. After lunch sat with Blanche in her room while she read “Gallowglass” aloud to me as I worked & then we walked to church the service being at 4– Mr Robinson again at the organ & he continued playing after service. I took with me my new little electric lamp to light us home as it was quite dark when we returned to 5 o’cl tea. Music again in the eveng. I must get to bed as I have to rise before 6 tomorrow to go by a 7.19 A.M. train to stay with the Oranmores at Castle MacGarrett. It is sad to leave Blanche. We have been happy together & life is so short!

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