0Wednesday. 11th [January 1905]—3 Savile Row
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11 January 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Wednesday. 11th [January 1905]. Connie & Mrs Silver lunched with me & directly afterwards I went with the latter to Lambeth to see a lady who has to do with the rebuilding of the [illegible word] houses in Walworth. She received us very kindly & offered to accompany us & show us the neighbourhood in case we thought of setting up a Restaurant in that part of London. We went by the electric tram & then got out at Walworth & she showed us round the streets. Most of them are deserted & the old houses pulled down, the new not yet fully inhabited & many not finished. The population seemed scarce & we saw at once that we were not required there. Coming back we had to get into an omnibus, the 1st time I had ever been in one—we passed Bethlem & there I got out & went to pay a visit to Dr Hyslop who was happily at home. We had not met for 2 years & he gave me a warm reception. When I told him what I had just been about he offered to help me & to make enquiries in his district (Southwark). He took me into 2 of the wards of the hospital & I found there many old friends. Last year they had all been removed while the whole place was being done up & it was curious to hear them all talk with pleasure at being “home” again. I got home soon after 5. I dined with Mrs Poynter & met Sir E. Poynter & a Mr & Mrs Willoughby Pemberton. She pretty, well dressed & pleasant. I think recently married– Adl Drury also there.

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