0Tuesday. 10th [January 1905]—3 Savile Row
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10 January 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 10th [January 1905]. Mrs Silver lunched with me & we talked over our Popular Restaurant scheme. The first thing being to get more money—we phoned in all directions to find where people were. We got hold of one gentleman on the telephone & he promised us £25. We made an engagement with a Mrs Rube in Belgrave Sqr to go to her at 6. Mrs Silver left me at 4 & I took a walk & came home to 5 o’cl tea—& afterwards went in a cab to pick up Mrs Silver & took her on to Mrs Rube who was kind & promised us £25. She then began to tell us that she & her husband are in dire trouble abt their daughter who in July married a Mr Canning son of Ld Garvagh & owing to his terrible treatment of her she had left him to return to her parents. He had married her only in July & they are already to be separated. Just as we were leaving the young woman in question came in a buxom girl with red hair & the mother cheered up & greeted her lovingly & we proposed that she should help us with our restaurant scheme at the notion of wh she jumped. The father is a rich German naturalized here & the poor daughter had been snapped up for her money by a son of a lunatic father & a bad mother! I walked Mrs Silver back to her lodgings in Ebury St & then by St James’ Park home—& dined alone—read & wrote in the evening. Nellie & C. went to Canford.

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