0Monday. 9th [January 1905]—3 Savile Row
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9 January 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 9th [January 1905]. It being a wet day I did not move out. Mrs Silver (Miss Gertrude Kingston) dined with me & we went to the Cavendish Rooms in Mortimer St to the ball given by Mmes Clémence & Savile to their employées. Nellie (Savile) & Clémence were there doing the honors of the evening & there were about 70 girls & their beaux. The girls were some of them very well dressed, some decolleté, danced very well & behaved admirably—quite as well & better than had they been of the “upper ten” as there was no “sitting out” in corners– I danced with Charlie Wyld & with Clémence’s husband Mr Willis when a quadrille & a lancers were danced– It was not easy to dance there as they had many additions & “poussetting” wh were not in the dances in time of my youth. At 11 we went to supper—wh was very well arranged, every one sat down at small tables. Sandwiches & jellies, sweets were handed & whiskey & soda to be had & then cigarettes were lighted up & the ladies retired to the ball room– Mrs Silver & I left the gay scene as soon as the dancing recommenced. I had each of the ladies provided with a small bouquet to wear in their boddices.

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