0Thursday. 9th [March 1905]—3 Savile Row
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9 March 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Thursday. 9th [March 1905]. Our wedding day. I went to lunch with Mrs Rate & met a Mrs Leverton Harris, wife of an M.P. A pretty & intelligent young woman also Lord Medway whom I had known as Gathorne Hardy. Mr Rate sat at the head of his table—but oh how changed after his paralytic stroke! It is sad to see & reconciles one to not seeing ones dear ones “outlive themselves”– He is almost childish & tho’ he knows people has lost nearly all his powers. Eda joined me there & we went on to Leighton House, invited by Css Hayes to see the work of an impressionist Austrian lady. She is strong in colouring, but oh the execution! When one gets near her pictures nothing is to be distinguished but little hard pellets of paint. In the evening we dined at Willis Rooms with Mr Somerset Beaumont to meet the Wylds & Honor & Verona Brooke & then went to the theatre next door to see               .

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