0Thursday. 16th [March 1905]—3 Savile Row
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16 March 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Thursday. 16th [March 1905]. I went to a lunch party at Wimborne House, but found that Ivor was so worried about his failing sight that he had gone off to lunch with Blanche not caring to face a party. He is under the care of a French occulist called Staumet who promises to cure him but who does it by means of special lenses wh he makes his patients wear to accustom the eyes to change their focus. This worries Ivor terribly & makes him quite confused at times. We all notice that he is much changed & aged in the last fortnight. I sat at lunch between Mr Peronne & Mr G. Meredith. Sir Robt & Lady Borwick were of the party. Also Constance & Edward (Duncannon) & Vere. I went home to bid Eda goodbye as she left me at 4 to my regret. Dined with Mme Langenbach. A smart dull dinner to me. Sat between Mr Caillard & Mr Arthur Hubert—the latter a grumbler & tiresome.

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