0Saturday. 18th [March 1905]—3 Savile Row
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18 March 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Saturday. 18th [March 1905]. A very busy morning. Countess Hayes came to call at 10 to ask me to let her this house for the season as she knew that I intended letting for the season. I agreed to let her have it for 4 months from 1 April for £400—a satisfactory arrangement to both of us. Mrs Morgan Richards, Connie’s queer rich American friend also came bringing her husband & brother in law to make my acquaintance because I am so like Aunt Mattie. Their daughter is Mrs Craigie the novelist whose acquaintance I have lately made. Jessie (Mrs) Poynter arrived abt the same time & were immensely entertained with Mrs Richards—her talk & her costume—for she drapes herself with clinging stuffs almost formless, & wears a mushroom shaped hat & she talks incessantly & calls everyone “sweetie” as soon as she knows them. It was nearly one o’clock before they all left & I hurried off to lunch with Mrs Whitaker in Curzon Street—who has just bought No 20 and is fitting it up very prettily. Two sons were at home. She showed me 2 lovely Spanish cabinets she had bought in Spain last year—tortoise shell inlaid with ebony & ivory with the arms & cypher of Ferdinand & Isabella & the history of their taking Granada in answer to a vow to the Madonna of Queen Isabellas. I went from Curzon St to the Dss of Somerset’s who had a musical party & then home. Lady Ampthill came to tea & also Mrs Rennell Rodd & her daughter. My brother Monty, Sir Frank & Lady Younghusband, Mrs Poynter & Capt. Beaumont dined with me. Sir Frank sat & talked to me in the evening & told me he is studying the question of the original spot from wh mankind has sprung. He is very quiet & shy & slow in expressing himself but one can see that he is a deep thinker. His wife is spritely & kindly & a great contrast to him in every way but they appear to suit each other perfectly.

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