0Wednesday. 22nd [March 1905]—Paris
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22 March 1905 — Paris
Wednesday. 22nd [March 1905]. To the dressmaker in morning. Sophy Franqueville fetched me in the afternoon & took me for a drive. We left some cards. I dined at my hotel & then went to the opera having been invited by Mme Seurat to her box. Her husband is member de l’Academie. I think I had met him at La Muette when last I was in Paris. They were very kind & pleasant. There was another couple in their box but their names did not reach my brain. The opera was Gounod’s “Faust” which I had not heard since it came out in the sixties & which then delighted us. In spite of the new Wagner craze it seemed to me that there is nothing sweeter than those lovely old tunes so bright & graceful—& I enjoyed them altho’ it made me very sad as bringing to mind so many old memories—& how many things have happened since! many pleasant & many sad.

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