0Friday. 24th [March 1905]—Paris
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24 March 1905 — Paris
Friday. 24th [March 1905]. Dressmaker again! Walked across the river to Faubourg St Germain & found the Square de Luynes a new square newly created where were the gardens of the Hotel de Luynes now pulled down. I lunched with Baroness Marion Franchetti & a cousin whose name I did not catch. She has a very pretty installation with a nice studio & many pretty things & many pictures of herself painted by her brother in law Lembach—none of wh I admired—they are all muddly in colour & have no charm of expression & little resemblance. Sophy called for me at 2 & took me for a drive leaving cards & I went to call on M. & Mme Le Mallier our late French consul Genl at Venice & his wife. We were pleased to see each other. Sophy took me a drive in the Bois & then to tea with her at La Muette. There I met again Mme Tornielli Italian Ambassadress– They had been in London before coming to Paris. Met also Mrs Lee Child (née Sartige) daughter of a diplomat I have often heard Henry speak of. She kindly drove me back to my hotel. I dressed & returned to dine at La Muette—a family dinner only 2 boys (grandsons) & their tutor priest (a nephew) & another gentleman. The de Gournets came in after dinner. I left at 10. Sophy took me to call on Baron de Stäel, the Russian Ambr here—& who was so many years in London. We found the old gentleman sitting alone doing nothing as he is nearly blind & there seems little hope of recovery. He was very grateful for a visit.

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