0Saturday. 25th [March 1905]—Paris
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25 March 1905 — Paris
Saturday. 25th [March 1905]. A last “trying on”! Is it worth all the trouble. I arrived late at Bd Pireire where I had been bidden by M. & Mme Bompard to dejeuner at 12 & when I only arrived at 12.30. However they were very hospitable & I had a pleasant couple of hours with them & looked over their curios & talked of Venetian friends. From there I went to Mme La Croix to have tea & to meet Css Morphy & her daughter & the Riaños. The Morphys are from Madrid, the Count having been secy to King Alfonso. From here I went to call on Mme Seurat to thank her for her civility abt the opera & then back to the Hotel. Dressed & went off to Hotel Ritz to meet James Rothschild & Vere Ponsonby. While waiting for them I came across Mr Algy Bourke (of Venice) who was waiting for friends also. Our table turned out to be next to his party consisting of the Dss of Marlboro’ & her brother Vanderbilt—the Railway King of the day besides others. After an excellent dinner the 2 boys took their “Auntie” as they both call me to the Renaissance Theater where we saw a piece called La Massalle powerfully acted but as usual in French pieces unpleasant in something. In this father & son both fall in love with the same girl– The father’s acting was wonderful.

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