0Monday. 24th [April 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 April 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 24th [April 1905]. This evening I had a large evening entertainment “to meet the P. & Pss”—and all Venice society came– The Princess was very amiable to every one & especially to Css Anina Morosini about whom there has been a great deal of gossip. She declares that last time she came here to meet Pss Charlotte that she was very uncivil to her– Baroness Reinelt having dined with us tonight anxious that the Morosini should not fail to come sent her a message to the theatre to be sure & come. She did arrive but rather late. I was on the look out for her & as soon as I saw her I went to meet her & invited her to come & speak to the Princess. She rather held back—hummed & hawed & finally grasped the arm of a young man & wanted to enter the 2nd drawing room where the Princess was standing talking in a sort of triumphal way. I quietly put myself in front of the youth—took her by the hand & said, Come with me, the Princess will be glad to see you. She then came with me & I presented her saying “this is the Countess Morosini”– There I left them talking to each other– What was my dismay on turning to go to find that there was a general silence in the room & every one turning to see how the great interview was going off! I seldom ever saw such bad manners! The Morosini after she had finished speaking with the Pss retired into a corner & sulked. I introduced Vere & his sister to her & the former asked her to go to tea as soon as the Pss had gone into the dining room—she refused to go at first & then only went to the door where she stood glaring at the Pss. Soon after 12 the Pss went to bed & the party broke up.

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