0Saturday. 3rd [June 1905]—Mezzaratta, Bologna
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3 June 1905 — Mezzaratta, Bologna
Saturday. 3rd [June 1905]. evening she had a little dinner party consisting of a Css                née Letta, Signor Testoni, a dramatic writer, the German Consul & two Italian gentlemen. The conversation at once fell on the Murri trial—& hardly left it the whole eveng. A young Murri, son of a Dr at Bologna murdered his bro: in law Ct Bonmartini—& confessed to it—three years ago– The trial is now going on—the sister is being tried for being implicated. It is a horrid story of deception & immorality. Every one at table seemed to be one mind as to the horror of it & that all were guilty yet they got so excited that they all talked at once & the noise was so deafening—there being also an echo in the room—that one could hear no one & one was almost stunned & ones head ached. It is quite against our ideas of justice that the people being tried should have been kept 3 years in prison before their trial. All the Murri family were known in Bologna & the father is a celebrated Dr who is called for consultation all over Italy. But whether they were privy to the murder or not they are evidently a degenerate lot & I would not care to have even the Dr as my medical adviser.

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