0Sunday. 11th June [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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11 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 11th June [1905]. Went to morning church & then not out again until 5 when Baroness Reinelt came to fetch me in gondola to go with me to see the Cosmopolitan Hospital. She evidently did not much want to go & tried to evade it but I over persuaded her. Ola had prepared tea for us out in the garden & we went straight there. The Baroness was impressed & pleased with the peaceful place—& declared she would often go there to get away from the cares of this world. As there happened to be no patient in hospital I persuaded her to go up & see the wards wh she consented to do & was much pleased. From here we went to the Giardini Publici & sat under the trees & drank lemonade– She brought me home at 7 & I had just time to change my dress & run off with Baker to the service at the Sailor’s Institute– Mr Harston read the service & Dr Van Someren expounded the scriptures. We all (& Fanny Browning) walked home together. I asked Mr Harston abt yesterdays meeting & what had been settled. He said “nothing & that it had been useless.” I asked why he called it. He said “to please Mr Montalba.” I urged that it was called by him (Harston) & we were pressed to go to it—& thought it was because he wanted us to take an interest in Church matters– In fine I got nothing definite or satisfactory out of him– So I went home to dinner walking the last part of the way with Dr van Someren–

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