0Monday. 12th [June 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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12 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 12th [June 1905]. I was writing in the library this morng when Giuseppe came to say “Umano” had come & he was shown up at once delighted to see me again & full of his writings & thoughts as ever. It seems that his book gets on but slowly & that he finds it hard to explain to an unsympathetic public what is so clear to him—that we have 2 beings—our bodies on earth & our ethereal bodies wh live constantly outside of us & form our minds & spiritual part. It was difficult to follow him—but his black eyes brightened & shone in his pale thin face & he became inspired & eloquent. He left me after a long discourse & I went off to lunch with the Curtis’ at Palazzo Barbaro. There I met the Honble Mrs Nicholas Charlton (née Abinger) a rather nice looking woman & still young. She has evidently travelled much & hates the Japanese whose country she had been in. After lunch I went to the Piazza to meet Umano & took him to see the Cosmopolitan Hospital & afterwards to the Edens garden. What delighted him almost more than anything is the cleanliness of the hospital kitchen. After he had sat talking with Mr Eden I sent him back to Venice in the gondola & I remained on with Carry only getting home at 6. Soon after there was a tremendous thunderstorm & very heavy rain.

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