0Thursday. 15th [June 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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15 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 15th [June 1905]. Signora Pezzè Pascolato came to see me this morning to talk over the Blue Cross affairs. She has just lost her father Sigr Pascolato whom she had devotedly nursed during a long illness. Ola telephoned to me that there was a great fuss going on at the hospital & so I went there directly after lunch. The Dr (Wolner) of the Prefettura finding we had taken 2 typhoid patients said it was in contravention & threatened to fine &c &c. They are both Germans– One has been already moved 3 times & now he is to be taken to the Civil Hospital. I went off to the Prefect & asked to see him. He came down to me at once & was very civil. I explained that my niece had taken in these patients not knowing that it was not allowed & that Dr Wolner had been furious. He told me not to be alarmed or preoccupied that it wd be all right & that he would call for our Dr Tommasini & settle it at once. I went back home & telephoned this to Ola– After tea Bss Reinelt came to call for me & took me out in gondola to the Exhibition gardens where we got out & sat a bit. The Italian cook left for her own home this morning to my great relief as she was both incompetent & strange. I returned again to Rosa’s simple clean fare.

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