0Thursday. 20th [July 1905]—17 Cavendish Square
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20 July 1905 — 17 Cavendish Square
Thursday. 20th [July 1905]. I was down to 9 o’cl breakfast. I accompanied Blanche when she drove out in the motor brougham in the morning down to Miss Graham’s studio where Blanche is sitting for a pastel portrait– While she was there I went to see Connie & took her out & we went to Eccleston Sqr to enquire after Lord Bessboro & then back to fetch Blanche. I found the portrait very feeble & lady like but it is as yet only at the early stage. We went home for lunch & started out again abt 4. Went to Ly Lezzo’s studio—& later to Abbey Lodge Regents Park to the studio of Mr Fuchs. A lady Blanche knew was sitting to him for her portrait wh was like & rather pleasant. Mr Fuchs himself is rather a repulsive looking German Jew but speaking English. His portraits are fine if slightly brutal– Before leaving he took us into his other studio where he has all his sculpture—which is better than his painting, good as that is. He had a cast of a large figure of the Madonna & child very rococco & which he had done for an Academy– He has some very pretty small statuettes wh I admire– I went to dine with Connie—at 8 Onslow Garden– Mary Montagu dined also– Evelyn & Bee & Eddie were there. Connie seemed worried. I found she is again in an agony of fear as to what her son Ernest is doing. She even says she thinks he must be mad. It will be better when the final catastrophe does come. But how dreadful for a mother! I left Connie early & went to Wimborne House to see Ivor who has just arrived from Canford. Nela DC. was with him & Cornelia came home shortly afterwards– Ivor is altered & aged & seemed worried & nervous. His sight is apparently no better. I arranged to go to Harrowgate to see him where they are going for a water cure–

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