0Tuesday. 25th [July 1905]—Tile House, Uxbridge, Middlesex
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25 July 1905 — Tile House, Uxbridge, Middlesex
Tuesday. 25th [July 1905]. Kate & I left by the 11.15 train from Uxbridge where we drove to in a fly. Got to London before 12 & went to 23 Bruton St where we were to lunch with Kate’s sister in law Lady Humphreys– Saw her & then walked on to shop & called on our brother Monty at the Albany. He was at home & we sat with him & had a little chat & then went back to Bruton St. Sir Charles Alderson also lunched there. After lunch I went to Heath’s to buy a hat– Mrs Dean the owner of the shop was there & began at once to tell me how she missed my sister Maria who had always been so nice to her. I returned to fetch Kate & we drove off in a hansom to King’s Cross Station to leave for Peterboro by the 4.15 train. It suddenly came on to rain & the roads became so slippery that the horse of our hansom came down. We were not hurt & a policeman who was close by got us out safely—only rather frightened. We were not far from the station so we hurried off on foot & caught our train by one minute. Baker brought down our luggage by the same train. Found Ralph Alderson staying with the Aldersons—still rather delicate having not long since had an operation for appendicitis. Eda & Mary were also at home with their father.

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