0Tuesday. 1st August [1905]—Harrogate
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1 August 1905 — Harrogate
Tuesday. 1st August [1905]. I breakfasted with Nela & Miss Anderson Cornelia’s secy at 9 in the large dining room. Ivor & Cornelia breakfasted later. Then Nela & Ivor & I took a walk down into the town—& went into the Kursaal & sat awhile listening to the end of a concert wh was going on. The town reminds me much of Bournemouth. There is a garden in the midst of it—nice villas in every direction only there are far finer hotels in every direction. We came back in a fly in time for luncheon. In the afternoon Ivor & I took a drive in a fly whilst Cornelia & Nela motored. We dined at 8 & went early to our rooms.

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