0Tuesday. 8th [August 1905]—Harrogate
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8 August 1905 — Harrogate
Tuesday. 8th [August 1905]. I left Harrogate by 10 a.m. train– Nela accompanied me to the station. I reached Peterboro at 12.40. Kate met me there & we walked up together to the Precincts. Found Nellie staying there & we all lunched– Monty A. was also over from Chesterton. We sat talking & working till an early tea when we went to the station & Nellie & I left for London at 6.19. I went to Nellie’s house 27 Lower Seymour St. Found Mary A. waiting for us as she is to spend the night at Nellie’s. I dined & then went home to 3 Savile Row—my tenants having left last week. I had hardly got into bed before Elaine Villiers came to see me & she sat on my bed talking till past 12. She is in great spirits at her husband having made his maiden speech today in the House of Commons.

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