0Saturday. 23rd [September 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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23 September 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 23rd [September 1905]. Having yesterday ordered cards of invitation to be printed we hastened to add the date & I sent them off to the Sec. of the Congress to distribute. A great banquet was going on for the Congress at the Eden’s garden—& there my invitations were given out– Eda & I arranged the rooms, clearing the furniture—& getting the buffet &c arranged. It was all done very quickly & the cook undertook her part– I ordered by telephone 200 ices & were ready when about 7.30 the guests began to arrive. They came about 250—& all were delighted to see the pictures. The electric light shows off the pictures & rooms to great advantage. Were it not for that light one could not have thus entertained so many at so short a notice. Abt 11 the doors of the dining room were opened & my guests did full justice to the buffet. There were amongst them people of all countries English, German, Hungarian, French, Dutch &c &c. They were very happy & sat about in little groups enjoying themselves. They were all gone about 12—& one felt the entertainment had been a success. The King & Q. left Venice this morning.

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