0Saturday. 30th [September 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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30 September 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 30th [September 1905]. Kind Malagola accompanied me in the morng to the Bank to get the money to hand over to Miss Holland. From there we went to the Notary Dr Candiani to explain a clause Miss Holland wishes to be inserted– On condition of her selling us the low collage next the Hospital & garden she wishes to put any binding conditions on the eventuality of a sale in future. The notary said he could not insert them as they would not hold good in law. I went after luncheon to see Miss Holland & explain but she will not budge from her attitude & I left her to think over it & to write to Mr Eden– After tea I went to the tea party given by B. & Bss Mayneri in honor of the marriage of their daughter with Mr Paul Nash, the American Consul here. The wedding is to be on Monday. Champagne was served & other refreshments wh I managed to escape—by hiding what was pressed upon me. There were not very many people at the party as the Venetians are out of town.

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