0Thursday. [26th October 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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26 October 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. [26th October 1905]. After a terribly wild night this morning it was still raining when I got up—but got finer after 2 o’cl . Sir Herbert Miller came to lunch with me. Gave me a bad account of Blanche Lady Lindsay who he says is very unwell. He sat on gossipping till 3 & as he went away Mrs Curtis came in to talk again with me over my trip to India. We went together to call on Genl de Horsey as I had promised to go to tea with him. While we were there Carrie Eden also called & the old gentleman was delighted & paid us three old women all kinds of compliments about Paris & the 3 graces &c & was quite cheery. Mrs C. & I left before Carry & I felt on saying good bye that he was so frail we might never meet again– He also had a sob in his voice. I went home & had a large gathering of friends to tea to bid me good bye so that I had only time left to dress & go off to dine with the Edens at 7.30—a pleasant quiet chatty evening with my 2 friends. Mr Harston & his wife came to say good bye as they leave Venice for good next week– After 4 years they have been here I am sorry to lose them. He is a good man tho’ weak & timid in character—& I have seen a great deal of him as he used to come & consult me at every turn– Mrs Harston is artistic & clever very retiring but rather feckless. Mr H. has very bad health & has accepted a living in Scotland! I fear the great change of climate for him.

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