0Wednesday. 1st November [1905]—En route to India
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1 November 1905 — En route to India
Wednesday. 1st November [1905]. The Isis stopped her engines very early in the morning & we soon found we were alongside of a far bigger steamer. I dressed & went on deck & found a gangway had been established between the two ships so I went on board in search of Corise Rodney & Nela who I found still in their berths. They welcomed me & said they had had a fine passage from Marseilles, that the “Egypt” was very full & that they had made one or two very pleasant acquaintances on board. Nela got up & she & I went down to breakfast together. Corise breakfasted in bed & appeared much later. I found that Justice Harrington & a handsome young wife were the chief friends of the journey– Sir Francis & Lady Marston & 2 daughters were also introduced to me. A Capt. Boisragon had come from Brindisi in the Isis. He introduced himself to me & claimed connection with the Layard family. He is in fact a connection. He tells me he is going to Abbottabad where Nela & I also think of going on the invitation of Major C. Bruce. This is interesting & he promised all information as to journey &c. The great crowd of travellers is somewhat confusing; the ship being very full. We remained at Port Saïd till abt 11 oclock & then set off down the Suez Canal. The effect is very curious—one glides past the land without noise or movement & there is hardly a breath of air. The sun is bright & the temperature pleasant. Nela & I lunched together at the long table. There is a Mrs Preston on board who came from Brindisi with her little boy. She had not been able to get a 1st class berth. I had not been able to get a 2nd class for Baker. I offered to let her exchange—but we found that the Capt. of the Egypt wd not allow it– After consultation with the Purser who was obdurate we had to give up the idea. I went later in the day to pay her a visit in her part of the ship & tried to cheer her. At dinner I sat with Mrs Harrington at a small table presided over by a Mrs Mitchell. I was very tired & went to my berth but there was a dance on board! & the noise of the music & the dancing overhead made sleep difficult!

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