0Thursday. 2nd [November 1905]—En route to India
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2 November 1905 — En route to India
Thursday. 2nd [November 1905]. I got up at 7 & dressed as soon as I could to get up into the fresh air. 3 in a cabin is a tight fit & requires some maneuvering & fitting in. The ship is most tremendously full & there is quite a crowd on the deck—the chairs are 2 deep & it is not easy to move about. I waited till nearly ten for Nela to join me at breakfast– Luckily one has books & work & can get away to quiet corners & try to forget the madding crowd– The weather got warmer & one begins to feel one is going away from Europe. I had a pleasant dinner at the overflow table presided over by Mrs Mitchell. Justice Harrington sat there with me & told me much about the animals to be seen in India. He has also seen a “jungle child”—i.e. a child on all fours without human speech & supposed by the natives to have been stolen & brought up by an animal of the jungle. Nela & I sat quietly together in the evening & walked up & down till I went to bed about 10–

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