0Friday. 3rd [November 1905]—En route to India
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3 November 1905 — En route to India
Friday. 3rd [November 1905]. It gets daily hotter—tho’ I do not dislike it. We are told that this will be the hottest day of the voyage as the following wind will give place to a head one. I find the crowd & bustle rather trying & escaped into the cabin there to sit alone part of the morning after paying my daily visit to Mrs Preston in the 2nd saloon. The Capt. of the ship spoke to me today—a quiet middle aged man. Later in the day a gentleman spoke to me saying he was Mr Cox nephew to the Edens at Venice, on his way to Bombay to arrange to open a house of business– The Cox are Army bankers in England. After dinner he sat with me & Nela & we had a pleasant talk in a quiet spot– Corise sat with me at dinner tonight– Went off to bed abt 10—very hot evening.

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