0Monday. 6th [November 1905]—En route to India
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6 November 1905 — En route to India
Monday. 6th [November 1905]. We steamed on—& resumed the sea life. I went over to the 2nd class to pay a visit to Mrs Preston & her boy & there learnt that a poor mother’s three month’s old baby had died in the night. Yesterday at Aden a pretty little Mrs Dangerfield who sat at Mrs Mitchell’s table received a telegram to say her husband is very ill & that letters would await her at Bombay. This seems very cruel as from here to Bombay she has 5 days to wait– We all fear that the telegram means that he is already dead– Later she received a letter by the post to Aden to say he was very ill & they did not understand what was the matter with him. There are tragedies on board our ship & the little community is like any other on land!

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