0Friday. 17th November [1905]—En route to Abbottabad
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17 November 1905 — En route to Abbottabad
Friday. 17th November [1905]. at 10 a.m. We got some tea at the station while our luggage was put into 2 ekkas—a comfortable “phaeton” as the landeau of the country was called was ready drive us to Abbottabad a six hours journey, we drove off in it taking Baker & leaving Ali to bring the luggage. Our coachman had a horn hanging from his neck wh he blew whenever a cart was in the way on the road & also when we were approaching the stables where we changed horses (every 5 miles). We went a great pace. The roads are broad & flat—tho’ tremendously dusty. Five feet of the center only being laid with hard metal– We took up at each relay a sayce who changed the horses in a very short space of time. At the Dak Bungalow half way at Harripin we stopped for half an hour & had tiffin. I never tasted quails better prepared—or eat a better omelet. It appears that the cook at Haripin is renowned for his cooking of quails. Finding a green pod in the middle of the quail she was eating, Nela tasted it. What was her dismay at finding it was a whole chili wh burnt her mouth tremendously causing the tears to run down her cheeks– The country we passed through was arid & dusty but the road beautifully shaded with fine trees planted on either side. We passed many natives trudging along and ekkas crowded with men & women—a busy scene. As we neared Abbottabad we came to a more hilly road wh wound upwards—& more trees & cultivation. Here we had peeps of snow crowned mountains & we got to some nice comfortable looking bungalows & at 5 we found ourselves at the door of Major Bruce’s bungalow & were warmly received by Mrs Bruce & our old friend Pamela– The house being small our host & hostess have kindly turned out of their room for me & have gone into a tent in the garden—Nela sharing Pamela’s room– Major Charles Bruce & his wife (née Campbell) I had not known before but his father had been a very old friend. He is an officer of the 5th Gourkas stationed here & a very clever & amusing man. They have a charming bungalow & she has made a very pretty little garden wh is still full of roses & chrysanthemums & blue convolverters.

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