0Thursday. 16th [November 1905]—En route to Abbottabad
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16 November 1905 — En route to Abbottabad
Thursday. 16th [November 1905]. We reached Lahore at 10 a.m. Left Ali to sit in the railway carriage to guard our packages & drove off to Nedon’s hotel where we took rooms for the day. We drove to see 2 mosques with beautiful ornamentation & we went through very narrow streets where there was a great deal of movement. We then drove off to see the tomb of Jehomgir in a lovely garden some way from the town. This place is also under repairs having been injured by the late earthquake. The tomb is fine & decorated with much inlay work. We dined at the Hotel & went off early to the station & travelled through the night very comfortably reaching Hassan Abdal station on

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