0Saturday. 25th [November 1905]—Abbottabad
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25 November 1905 — Abbottabad
Saturday. 25th [November 1905]. Ali returned to our service pro: tem: & we left the Bruces just before daylight & made the return journey to Abdal Hassan to catch a train at 1.30. We had ordered lunch at Haripin & great was our disappointment on arriving there to have to pass by without stopping & to think that the splendid dish of quails was there ready for us & we unable to eat them. Our coachman shook his head to the master of the dak bungalow & all the ritmagars who came out [to] invite us in, & drove furiously on. We took the train at Abbottabad for Peshawar where we arrived at 7 P.M. There was only one room to be had in the hotel there but a tent had been saved for us in the garden close by where I installed myself, Nela & Baker sharing the room.

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