0Thursday. 30th [November 1905]—Lahore
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30 November 1905 — Lahore
Thursday. 30th [November 1905]. I slept till late in order to recover from the late fatigues. Lunched in mess tent. Went to tea with Mr Boynes at his bungalow. He is another of Henry Aldersons superiors. Lena Alderson took us to see Montgomery House where the Ball for the Royalties was given. At 6 o’cl it seemed all in an unfinished state. It is a fine building with a handsome room. We dined in camp with the Howells & they went with us in my carriage to the Ball. We got there about 9 early eno’ to see all the Company assemble. The Bruces are in Lahore for the occasion & we met them. Mr Cox & Mr Reid were there & also the Aldersons—so that we had a great many acquaintances. There was a dais raised at the end of the room under the double staircase leading to the upper galleries. We went up there that we might get a good view of the opening ceremony. The P. & Pss arrived abt 10.30 & proceeded towards the dais a way thro’ the crowd being opened for them. They then danced the royal set of lancers after wh the dancing became general & we descended from our aerie. In the course of the evening I spoke to Sir Arthur Bigge & to Lord Shaftesbury, who are in the Royal suite & later the Princess sent for me to speak to. She was very talkative & lively & soon we were joined by the Prince. I condoled with them on the hard work they were undergoing—travelling by night & sightseeing & interviewing by day. The Princess laughed & said that it was rather fatiguing by all so very interesting “still” she said “the people at each place are new & refreshed, our suite change to rest but we we are always the same old people!” I got introduced to Lady & Sir C. Rivaz to whom I had brought letters of introduction & she asked us to go & stay with them on Saty next when the Royalties will have left here. I also got to know Sir Bindon Blood a fine looking soldier & his pretty wife. The P. & Pss left the ball soon after their supper, & we got back to our camp soon after 1–

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