0Friday. 1st [December 1905]—Lahore
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1 December 1905 — Lahore
Friday. 1st [December 1905]. We had to be up betimes in order to be off to Mian Mir to see the Imperial Parade to be held by the Royalties. From my bed I could hear the troops going along the road at an early hour & it was a pretty sight to see the procession of natives & troops hurrying alone. We got in good time to the parade ground & got chairs where we sat comfortably to look on. The P. & Pss arrived abt 10.30 & then the march past began—all native troops. It was an interesting sight & the regiments were much cheered by those who were looking on—especially when they returned & gallopped past at the end. The camel corps was a novelty to us & it is wonderful how they train the unwieldy looking beasts to trot past keeping an unbroken line. The sun was very hot & we were glad of umbrellas as well as sun hats, but the review was a short one—& we returned to our camp to dress & drive off to Judge Reid’s where we were invited to lunch– There was a large party there our friends Netta & Pamela Bruce amongst them. From here we drove to the Govt House where we were invited to the Garden Party given to the P. & Pss of Wales. It was not a very amusing affair—as every one was occupied staring at the Rajahs & the Royalties who formed the centre of the whole group. Lord Shaftesbury talked to me & showed me round telling me the names of the native chiefs. They were resplendent in pearls, big emeralds & bright garments. The Mah. of Patiala a youth of 15 had 5 rows of enormous pearls round his throat– Nabha was a bent old man leaning on a stick, toothless & with spindle legs– I spoke to the Uncle of Patiala who had entertained us yesterday at the Patiala camp at tea & I asked him whether Nabha was not a very old man. He replied “he is very old quite fifty or may be fifty five.” This shows how quickly people age in this country. The Maharajas made a brilliant group standing together & seemed very happy chatting with the P. & Princess who however did not remain long out being tired. Lady Rivaz was kind eno’ to invite Nela & me to go to stay with them from tomorrow but I excused ourselves feeling it but kind to let her rest after the departure of her Royal guests—at wh she seemed much relieved. We went back to the camp from the garden party & dined in the mess tent where we found the Howells also—& glad of a quiet evening went early to bed.

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