0Monday. 11th [December 1905]—Jullundur
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11 December 1905 — Jullundur
Monday. 11th [December 1905]. The “Wallahs” who come & sit in the verandahs with huge bales of carpets, shawls &c came up to tempt us. It is amusing to hear the bargaining going on. A chudder grey shawl wh was offered at 60 Rs, I finally secured for 20– One has to spend much time & breath over every purchase & be very patient. It is curious phase of life out here in India. The old turbaned Wallah declared he only sold us a thing after much haggling merely “to bring him luck” & used all his flattery by calling me the “burra burra lady Sahib.”– In the afternoon we went to the Club to see lawn tennis played. Dined at 7.30 & then left by train for Jaipur.

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