0Sunday. 17th [December 1905]—Udaipur
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17 December 1905 — Udaipur
Sunday. 17th [December 1905]. Still no news of the Residency & no carriage came in the morning so we got into a tum tum & drove to the Residency to enquire of the Baboo there what was the matter. The Baboo was much concerned to find that I was already arrived & said he had orders that I was to be entertained by the Maharaja at the state guest house & we could move into it if we wished. As however, we intend moving on to Jodhpur I did not think it worth while doing so. He promised us a carriage & a gentleman to guide us at 3. These made their appearance duly. The Baboo who came was a portly individual in flowing garments about the upper part of his legs– Below the knees he was bare except for a pair of slippers– He wore a large turban & had his whiskers brushed up & tied over his head under it. To complete his costume he wore a grey tweed jacket & waistcoat. He spoke quite good English. He took us down to the edge of the Lake where we found a boat waiting for us rowed by 2 poorly clad men– We found ourselves in fairyland—on a beautiful blue lake edged with dazzling white (washed) Palaces reflected in the water– Along the edge there were picturesque figures—women & men washing themselves in their clothes in the water– Hindu temples came every now & then had worshippers going up & down their steps—& on the water floated the yellow marigolds which had been swept from the shrines. We rowed round the lake & landed at the palaces of the islands with their lovely courts & gardens! Nela took photographs every here & there, at every turn one found a ready made picture– The sky & lake deep blue & the dazzling palaces reflected in it. We were sorry to leave the beautiful place but wanted to see the feeding of the wild pigs wh are kept by the Maharaja for sport. We were taken up to the roof of a building outside the city & from there could see without danger the creatures coming from all parts as soon as they heard the call of their feeders. They are the pest of the country round who dare not object to their ruler’s wishes. Sometimes they are fierce & some were very large & with murderous looking tusks– They seemed quarrelsome over their food grunting & running at each other. We returned to the Hotel abt sunset.

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