0Thursday. 5th [January 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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5 January 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 5th [January 1911]. I left Venice for Rome to pay a visit to the Queen Mother, by the 10 a.m. train. Css Papadopoli, Luigino, Mr Montalba & Miss Chaffey were at the station to wish me good speed. There was snow all along the line till Florence. A very nice middle aged man travelled in the same compartment. After we left Florence we set up a conversation & he finding me to be English, began to tell me in English how his wife, now dead, had been English & that he lived at Lendinara & his property adjoined that of my dear friend Countess Evelina Pisani whom he had known well—& finally gave me his name as Comm. Dante Marchiori. So what with pleasant talk with him, & getting lunch & dinner in the Restaurant Car the time passed quickly & tho’ we arrived at Rome nearly an hour late I was not wearied. The trains yesterday were 3 hours late on account of the heavy snow storms between Milan & Bologna– An Italian officer who got into our compartment at 2 p.m. said he had left Milan last night at 9 p.m. & had been on the road ever since—that 3 trains had been run into one & the crowd was enormous—& a great difficulty in getting any food as there was no restaurant car. Arrived at Rome the Queens courier met me & I soon found myself in one of her motors & was conveyed to the Palazzo Margherita. The lift carried me to the 2nd floor where the delightful rooms I had always inhabited are. Marchesa Villamarina came upstairs to welcome me. I had some tea & refreshments & gladly went to bed.

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