0Friday. 13th [January 1911]—Rome
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13 January 1911 — Rome
Friday. 13th [January 1911]. Count Oldofredi had kindly arranged to take me this morning to see Prof. Boni so he took me in a Court motor to Boni’s office near the Colisseum & left me there. I had known him before & he received me cordially & at once took me round the Forum & explained the newly excavated Basilica which had evidently been destroyed by earthquake & on the ruins of which a later building of Roman time had been erected. On the pavement of the first there still adhere to it some of the coins which had been overthrown at the moment of the earthquake. Prof. Boni was expecting Mescagni the musician to come at the same time as I, & I should have liked much to have made his acquaintance but he did not turn up. I left Boni abt 11.30 & returned to the Palace to luncheon. Afterwards I walked to Piazza Paganica to see Da Laura who was still in her room & found Pss Bülow sitting with her & on leaving she conveyed me to the Palace in her motor. Reception at the Palace to which Ola also came.

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