0Monday. 16th January [1911]—Rome
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16 January 1911 — Rome
Monday. 16th January [1911]. I walked out in the afternoon & called on Miss Herz who has a fine house in the Via Gregoriana & some good old Italian pictures. She was at home & glad to see me. Since Alfred Mond’s death she is lonely as he & his wife always lived with her at Rome & she lived with them in London. They used to buy pictures together under the advice of J.W. Richter—on old disciple of Morelli the Art critic. She showed me her treasures & I remained sometime with her, then walked on to Pal. Odescalchi to a party given by the British School of Art. Mr & Mrs Strong. Talk & tea & then Mara Cappelli joined me & took me over the way to La Tour the restaurant the smart resort for afternoon tea which was full of Italians. The room on the 1st floor where one met for tea is a nice round with vaulted ceiling in the Palazzo               . It is a pity to see it used as a restaurant.

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