0Sunday. 15th [January 1911]—Rome
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15 January 1911 — Rome
Sunday. 15th [January 1911]. I went to morning service at the English Church & as I knew I could not be back at the Palace in time for the Queen’s lunch, I asked permission to absent myself in order to go to lunch at the British Embassy. The Rodds had invited me to dinner but it is not etiquette to accept while staying with the Queen—so I offered this compromise. The Rodds also kindly asked me to go on to stay at the Embassy wh is equally impossible. I know Lady R. very slightly & find her rather absent in manner. All the children were at lunch, also Sir Isidor Spielmann who is here arranging the English section of the Exhibition to be opened this year. Sir Rennell next whom I sat was very pleasant & talkative. Directly after lunch he disappeared & Lady R. stood about smoking cigarettes, as she did not ask me to sit down I availed myself of the opportunity to walk off & bid her goodbye at once. I went on foot to Villa Matta to see the Bülows & thence returned to the Palace.

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