0Tuesday. 14th February [1911]—Khartoum
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14 February 1911 — Khartoum
Tuesday. 14th February [1911]. Breakfasted at 8 so as to let Baker go off to see Omdurman with Cook’s party. Quiet day & wrote a long letter to Queen Margherita describing our journey here. At 4 took a drive in a light carriage with Eda beyond the railway station to try & see the native villages on the outskirts of the town. We got to a sandy plain beyond the railway station but there was no real road & we found that the horses refused to move the carriage along the deep sand—so we had to get out of it & walk a little way until the driver had urged the poor beasts along & we got safely back into Khartoum & back to our hotel. The village consists of low mud huts with small doors & few windows & a broad sandy street ran at right angles between the cluster of huts. There were few people to be seen & those there were took little notice of us. After refreshing ourselves with 5 o’cl tea we strolled out along the embankment along the Nile & went into the Palace where a sentry showed us the tablet on the wall wh marks the approximate spot where Gordon was killed—& so the object of our pilgrimage to Khartoum is accomplished. Sat by the Nile to watch the sun setting. It was fine & brilliant.

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