0Saturday. 25th [March 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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25 March 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 25th [March 1911]. Sigr Arbib took Lord K. out in the morning. The Kaiser & Kaiserin arrived by train & passed here about 12.45. They bowed & saluted on passing by. Of course we were all on the balcony to see them– Unfortunately the weather was grey, & rained fell at intervals. Almost directly after lunch there came a visiting card of the Kaiser for me brought by his A.D.C. so later on Lord Kitchener & I went on board the Hohenzollern to write our names on their Majesties as in duty bound. We also went to pay the Edens a visit at Pal. Barbarigo & sat & chatted for half an hour. Mr Eden is too old & infirm to go out to pay visits & was pleased to see Lord K. At lunch today he was talking about India & the Marajahs & said that shortly after he took the command there Lord Curzon sent for him & said “I am going to depose the Marajah of Indore.” K. said “well in that case I suppose I must have the troops in readiness for a big fight. No said Lord C. that will not be necessary. I shall send for the Marajah & it will be all right. Sure eno’ Lord Curzon wrote to the M. telling him he was deposed & giving him the order to give himself up. On which the M. quietly ordered his carriage & drove to the place of confinement where he remained for the rest of his life! Lord K, said he had been but a short time in India & it struck him as showing the extraordinary power of England then.

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